Collection: Dream Big

Do you remember having big dreams when you were a child? This vibrant collection DREAM BIG is inspired by just that.

I wanted this collection to bring you feelings of inspiration to reconnect with your dreams and that child like wonder you once had. Bring back feelings of joy, fun and energy.

 These paintings will be a reminder to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and know that you can do or be anything you want to.

There are 12 originals in the collection and there are also 10 limited edition embellished prints to go with each one too.  These will be embellished with 24 CT Pure Gold Leaf.


All the prints are taken from the original illustrations that were hand painted using acrylic and mixed media, including oil pastels and 24 CT Pure Gold Leaf. 
I work with a high quality fine art printer to create stunning quality prints for you.
The paper is top quality archival which means your print is going to last a very long time and won't fade away.  The one I have chosen for you is gorgeous and eco friendly with a mix of  90% bamboo, 10% cotton Fine Art Paper.  Honestly when you feel it you will understand why I chose it, it feels luxurious to the touch with a beautiful textured surface.


I believe anyone can be anything they want to be and I create art that will inspire you to follow your dreams.


With Love and Sparkle

Leana x

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