1 Year Living in Cornwall

1 Year Living in Cornwall

"Give me one year.  If anyone of us doesn't like it or is unhappy, then we will come back" Said me to my kids and husband before we set off on our new venture of a life in the Sun in Cornwall.

We moved from Lancashire, last September 1 day before the kids were due to start their new school here.  We spent the first 10 day living in a hotel, which was fun with a pool and a full breakfast each morning.

It wasn't an easy process though and took a lot of energy and persistence just to get somewhere to rent never mind find a home.  One year on and you can ask any one of us and we would all say we prefer it here.  I can imagine us on that TV show where the family try out living in Australia then they all spin there cards at the end to say where they would prefer to live.. You know the one? I can't think what it's called now.

If relocating is something you'd love to do then I can only say try it.  Give it a year and see what you think.  The worst that can happen is you dent like it and you can go back home.

To celebrate our anniversary I am launching a new collection called "With Love From Cornwall". Each of the 5 prints has been given a Cornish name that has a personal meaning to me and my connection with that place that I painted.  

My VIP community currently has full access to the prelaunch with a 10% discount code.  If you would like to join them and grab yours before they go live on the 5th September you can sign up here.



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