About The Artist

I am a self taught artist who loved to draw and paint as a child.  I've always been really creative which lead me to career as a professional dancer.   It wasn't until later in life when my mum invited me along to a local art class that I rediscovered my love of art. I remember how I felt after that first lesson, it was as though a wave of calmness had taken over me. I was eager to paint more and more. I joined local art classes and watched so many YouTube videos to learn as much as I could.

My goal is to create inspirational art that reminds you there is beauty and gratitude to be found in nature around us. Using splashes and big strokes of brightly coloured paint to uplift your mood and give you a sense of freedom.

My family and I recently moved from Lancashire to Cornwall.  Where I have found so much inspiration to draw from to create more art that I love.



Haworth Art Gallery Open Focus Exhibition - 2019

St Ives Art Club - Members Exhibition - Sep 22

St Ives Art Club - Winter Exhibition - Dec 22

St Ives Arts Society - Open Christmas Exhibition - Dec 22

St Ives Arts Society - Spring Open Exhibition - May 23

Aubergine Gallery London - City, Country, Sea - May 23