A little more about me and what inspires me to paint expressive feel-good art

Through my art I aim to create Expressive, Feel-Good Seascape Art for lovers of colour and the feeling of sand between your toes. Connecting us to freedom and joy and more deeply to ourselves.

I am a self taught artist who loved to draw and paint as a child. I've always been really creative which led me to a career as a professional dancer.  I feel this shows through in the way I paint.

I use splashes and big strokes of brightly coloured paint (quite often pink or gold) along with expressive freely drawn lines to give us a sense of freedom and joy.

My family and I recently moved from Lancashire to Cornwall. This has been a huge source of inspiration to draw from to create more art that I love.  I love to go to the beach and take photos, and listen to the sounds and feel the wind in my face, take my shoes off and paddle through the lapping waves on the shore line.

You know to really get a feeling from the place?  This enables me to put these feelings into my paintings as I paint I can recall how I felt whilst there and I really try to express those feelings and energy of a beach through my artwork just as I would through dance. (Sometimes I might throw in a spontaneous twirl in the studio while painting).

I also love to hide messages and hearts in my paintings, have a look and see if you can spot any?in my Cornish Seascape collection.

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