Dream Big acrylic art collection with artist Leana Robinson

Do you love bright colours?

My most recent collection is called 'DREAM BIG'

You might have already seen snippets on Instagram 

This is something totally different to what I've done before.  I could have stayed safe and painted some more watercolour animals or ballerinas but I love to push myself and want to keep learning on my art journey.

My inspiration for this collection is going back to my child hood, tuning into the belief that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, (Which I still tell my children today by the way). 

The first one I painted was the little girl holding the balloon which is taken from a photo I took of my daughter when she was 7yrs old walking up the streets of St Ives, on a summer holiday.

I've really fond memories of pretending to be majorettes with my younger sister in our parents back garden, using the tent poles from our Wendy house as majorette sticks.  I've no clue where that idea came from but for that afternoon we were majorettes, marching proud around the garden in our imagined bright white uniforms with big shiny silver buttons.  We had no idea that we wouldn't grow up to be majorettes or even take a majorettes class for that matter.  

Can you remember thinking of what you wanted to be at 9 years old?  I'd love to know. 

The Dream Big Collection is as bright and colourful as my imagination could go, before restrictions come in to play like you can't put that colour with that colour.  The sky doesn't look like that in real life.  Why is there a cat on the beach? Take a closer look and see if you can spot him.  I wanted these paintings to have a magical and positive vibe about them.  I want the owners of them to look at them in their homes and remember that time, when anything felt possible, carrying that belief on in to our present day lives.  

The titles will all have quotes of things you'd go back and tell your 9yr old self.  I've had a few amazing ideas already like this one from my daughter "Don't let anyone change you" and mine is "I'm really proud of you" my sisters was "Your dreams can be your reality"

There are 12 pieces altogether and I can't wait to launch them all in April.


If you'd like to be on my email list to get VIP access to the prelaunch you can sign up here.  At the moment I'm also giving away a FREE ballerina download too.



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