I completed the 100 day Project

I completed the 100 day Project

Wow, what a journey that was.

I set out in February to paint one 5 x 7 inch study a day to make myself accountable to paint every day, learn new techniques and improve/define my own my style.

I'm happy with my style don't get me wrong it's just the watercolour techniques I use are popular techniques with the splashes of paint on a plain white background so I wanted to push myself to see if I could create a style that was a little more unique to me.  With the Acrylics I loved experimenting with abstract art and discovered some awesome techniques to create them too.

I also wanted to try out different subjects so I started with the ballet dancers and worked though animals, small creatures, abstracts, flowers, people, seascapes.

It wasn't always easy to set everything up and paint, somedays I just wasn't in the mood, but I always pushed through.  I also had a huge realisation that I was living my dream day, of doing my computer based work in the mornings and painting in the afternoons.  I didn't figure this out until towards the end though!  I am grateful for the experience and what I have learnt along the way and will definitely continue to paint on a more regular basis wen if they are just quick sketches.

It was on day 96 though when I painted the seascape of Gunwalloe Cove that I really felt I'd got something.  The thing is I never would have thought it would have been with seascapes.  There will definitely be more of those to come.

All the studies are now available to purchase until midnight Monday 6th June.

You can check them out here 


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