My Exhibition Experience in St Ives

My Exhibition Experience in St Ives

I'd walked past the building lots of times and wondered what was inside as I peered through the windows.  I even popped in one day to say hello and ask for more information on the membership.  That still wasn't enough for me to make the first step though.

Fast forward a few months and I was picking up some paintings I'd had framed and the lady there mentioned the St Ives Arts Club and how it had been a stepping stone for other local Artists.  It was this that triggered my interest.  I went home and signed up straight away, still not entirely sure what I had signed up for.

I received an email asking for interest in a members exhibition. I responded excitedly with a yes.  That was it I was in.  I had little time to prepare so I couldn't get my paintings framed but I put in this one pictured in as it was "Cornish Dream" and I painted one especially for the exhibition called "St Ive's in Bloom".  They exhibited for two weeks and I got the chance to steward on two of those mornings.

My first morning there I said to the steward next to me "I wish I could hear what they were saying about my painting".  Well, my wish was granted and it wasn't what I was expecting. 

One lady said to her friend next to her, "I like it all down here" as she waved her hand across the bottom of my painting.  "I'm not sure about it up here in the sky yet though" she continued.  They stood there and studied my painting for what seemed a minute or so.  Then politely said thank you and left.

I've since discovered that by putting the pink and purple paint markings in the sky, has been quite the Marmite experience.  Which I don't mind actually I think it's a good thing that I've given the visitors to the exhibition something to talk about and it's given me confidence to keep going and keep painting whatever I want to paint.  I also had conversations with visitors that loved it and one man even said he could feel the energy from the place almost like he was stood there in the cove.

I've now listed these on my website available to buy as they are or I can arrange framing too.  Take a look and let me know what you think of the pink in the sky.

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