Taking time to find joy daily.

Taking time to find joy daily.


I chose a word for this year 2024 and it is 'JOY' my reason being that I want to really catch myself in the moment and take in everything that is going on around me.  It can be too easy to get wrapped up in everyday tasks and to do lists.

I don't know about you but sometimes I can forget to listen to the sound of the birds as I'm walking Dave (my dog) or capture the memories with my family as they are happening in my mind, not on my phone.

I want to notice the joy around me daily and feel joy as it happens in the smallest of ways, like when we're all sat around the dinner table together for a Sunday roast talking as a family.  Taking a walk down to the beach together is one of my favourite things to do, which becomes increasingly harder to arrange as my teens get older.

So, 'filled with joy' felt like the perfect title for this new collection of seascapes which I have filled with love hearts and words to help bring more joy into the homes of the new owners, capturing memories spent along the Cornish coast

If you would like to have exclusive access to this new collection of originals you can sign up to my email list here, before February 23rd and you will have the weekend to preview and purchase the Original of your choice.

If you'd like a print I have an awesome limited time offer of 30% off selected prints which includes the filled with joy collection along with some of my barrel wave prints check them out here

It's been a while since I wrote a blog for you, but I'm back now with a monthly blog, so please do let me know anything you would like me to cover.

For example: How to choose a piece of art? Where to buy frames? What colour frames look best? pop me an email info@leanarobinsonart.com with your suggestions.


With Love and Sparkle,


Leana x

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