5 ways to keep yourself on track to follow your dreams

5 ways to keep yourself on track to follow your dreams

EEEk, It was the launch this week.  It's a strange feeling after working on something for 6 months and releasing it out into the world, wondering if and hoping you will love the collection as much as I do.  Will you understand my concept behind it?  Will I sell anything? What should I paint next?  So many unanswered questions.

I'm learning to be patient though and to trust the process of life (this was my daily mantra for such a long time).

You'll know from my previous blogs just how much I believe that "you can be anything you want to be" I really want everyone to believe in themselves.  Which isn't easy at times, I know I doubt myself too.  I like to find little ways to keep on top of my self belief though.  Things like:

1.  Listening to motivational podcasts or self development audio books.

2.  Exercise or Daily Walks in Nature.  I worked in the fitness industry for 20 years.  I know how important exercise is for mental health as well as physical health.

3.  Read a book.  There is something so relaxing about actually holding a book in my hands to read.  Somehow it tells my brain ok you can switch off from your day to day worries now.  (I really should do this more)

4.  Surrounding myself with like minded people and things around my home like  art that inspire me.

5.  A good morning routine (this is another one that I have let slide recently, but when I use it, I feel so much better for it)

 P.S Look out for a future blog post by a good friend of mine who is the Queen of Morning Routines and a fantastic health, mindset and life coach.  I should know as Emma was my coach for quite a few years.

You can check out my new art collection "DREAM BIG" Here

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