New Collection Release Date

New Collection Release Date

The DREAM BIG Collection is releasing to everyone on the 16th May.  My VIP list currently has early access to all 12 Originals, Prints, Cushions and Mugs.

Do you remember having big dreams when you were a child?  This vibrant collection DREAM BIG is inspired by just that.

This collection is all about the dreams we had when we were younger and the childhood innocence that gradually disappears as we get older and take on more and more responsibilities.

I also painted it to inspire you to reignite those dreams and believe in yourself.

I wanted this collection to bring you feelings of inspiration to follow your dreams that you have now too.  Maybe you dream of moving to live by the ocean and walk along the beach by the sun kissed sea.  Maybe you've always fancied trying out a pottery class but never prioritised the time for yourself to go and do it.  These paintings will be a reminder to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and know that you can do or be anything you want to.  Each piece of art has a title to reflect this.

I started this collection back in early November, with a photograph of my daughter Grace walking through the streets of St Ive's with a balloon.  I wasn't sure at all how my painting was going to turn out, but it kind of took on a life of it's own and grew to a collection of 12 paintings.  Once I knew why I was painting them, it all clicked into place and I knew I wanted to paint more and more.  I kept to the same colour palette with a bright pink, yellow and purple as the three main colours.

I can visualise these paintings hung in either entrance halls, (where the whole family can take in a quick reminder to believe and trust in themselves before they head out on their busy days) or in children's bedrooms as a colourful reminder to hold on to those dreams and know they can make a difference.

I honestly can't wait for you to see them.  If like me you can't wait then you can sign up to my VIP list and get instant access here

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