Why I paint expressive, colourful art?

Why I paint expressive, colourful art?

I wrote a blog earlier this year about my Why? I thought I'd nailed it I really did, but something was missing.  It worked great with my Dream Big Collection but when it came to my watercolour animals it didn't quite fit.  So my business coach suggested delving deeper into my why?  Why do I want people to follow their dreams? Why do I paint to be happy?

I've gone into a lot more detail with my VIP's on my email list and gone through the whole working out.  It got emotional at one point. 

No matter what I paint whether it is a seascape or a dancer the reason is this:

I create vibrant expressive art that brings joy, optimism and freedom to people in a world where things can sometimes feel heavy. 

As someone who has been through some difficult times, making colourful, expressive art helps me feel calm and free, whilst infusing someone’s day with positivity and optimism.



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