Collection: Mini Abstracts

Mini abstracts inspired by movement and feelings of freedom and joy.

Look for the hidden words under the layers of acrylic paint and oil.


My husband loved the paintings from Leana’s Love range. I received my package within just a few days of ordering.  They were packaged so beautifully. I also loved how they arrived mounted - ready for me to frame. The tiny love messages hidden in the designs made them a really special gift. - Rachel


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    “I absolutely adore the painting, I was quite emotional when I opened it. For me it can only be Cornwall in the painting and just gives me so many happy memories.
    Thanks so much again for your help and your amazing talent! “
    - Kate x

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    “Emily and I married in Carbis Bay.

    The perspective and the bold splash of pink and purple, and that heart in the clouds feel like they represent our attachment to that stretch of beach and the memories we have there"

    - Richard

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    Hi they arrived!!!! I can’t tell you how much I love them! They are absolutely gorgeous 🤩❤️🎉😍xxx

    They are going to go in little frames right above my desk ❤️